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Endowment Giving

Legacy gifts support United Way of Central Alabama's endowment. These gifts are in addition to a donor's annual campaign contribution and provide long-term support to help United Way respond to the evolving needs of our community. Gifts may be outright, deferred or utilize a combination of gift vehicles to fulfill a donor's philanthropic goals. Donors who make a gift of $1,000 or more are recognized as members of The Legacy Society and donors who make gifts of $250,000 are recognized as members of the Tocqueville Legacy Circle.

Gifts to United Way of Central Alabama's endowment build upon your generosity to support our community both now and in the future.

FAQs About United Way of Central Alabama's Endowment

What is the purpose of United Way's Endowment?

Through the years, generous donors have made planned gifts to United Way. The endowment was created in 1991 to hold those gifts and build a financial foundation for the future.

The endowment earnings support UWCA initiatives such as Success By 6, provide matching dollars for current and future gifts, and provide for perpetual gifts to the annual campaign. Endowment funds may also be approved by the Board of Directors to respond to emergency and immediate needs in our community.

How are funds generated from the endowment managed?

Funds are part of UWCA's overall investment portfolio and managed by a volunteer investment committee of financial professionals.

How are funds generated by the endowment used to support the community?

The Endowment generates more than $500,000 of annual income that is directly invested back into our community. Per United Way's Endowment Policy, funds generated by the endowment are based on a 16-quarter moving average of the market value of the total assets.

What kind of gifts may be made to the endowment?

Donors can make outright gifts to the endowment including cash, stock, and QCDs from an IRA. Additionally, deferred gifts are accepted including bequests, trusts, insurance and beneficiary designations. Our staff will work with your estate planner or financial professional to structure a gift beneficial both to United Way and the donor.

How large is the endowment?

As of 2021, we hold more than $25 million in realized gifts with more than $34 million in expected gifts.

What is The Legacy Society?

The Legacy Society recognizes those individuals who have made a current or deferred gift to the endowment of $1,000 or more.

What is The Tocqueville Legacy Circle?

Tocqueville Legacy Circle members have permanently endowed a Tocqueville gift with a current or planned gift of $250,000 or more. We also recognize members of the Million Dollar Legacy Circle who have made a current or planned gift of $1 million or more.

The Legacy Society and Tocqueville Legacy Circle

It is easier than you may realize to give a legacy gift to the United Way of Central Alabama. Close to 400 individuals and families are members of The Legacy Society and The Tocqueville Legacy Circle. In fact, we have the largest Tocqueville Legacy Circle in the United States. Our staff can help you and your financial advisors determine the best way for you to give. We also have matching programs available to increase the size of your Tocqueville Legacy Circle gift.

Legacy Gifts Staff

Maggie McDonald
VP of Legacy Gifts

Liz Edwards
Legacy Gifts Officer